La carta del Margarita

Our cuisine remains loyal to its beginnings in our most popular dishes of Tex –Mex cooking. Our green fried tomatoes, guacamole, fajitas and enchiladas are famous. Also our hamburgers have our particular hallmark.
You can also find our offers for vegetarians and low calories dishes, like our delicious Carpaccio, light salads or our tasty vegetable enchilada.
From our Tex-Mex roots and oriental and Mediterranean influences, Margarita Blue offers a wide range of dishes, tapas and desserts going from Mexican guacamole to American beef hamburger, delicious Mediterranean Carpaccio, oriental style fish or Moroccan kebabs.
Not to mention the house desserts. Delicious daily baking, very good chocolates and a assorted iced creams.


Chicken Wings, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

If you want to have a little snack with your cocktail while you are waiting for your friends to join you, we propose you some specialities....


Chocolate Volcano, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

They are the ideal complement of our culinary suggestions. We propose you a variety of bakery: Crumble, Cheese Cake or our famous "dulce de leche" crepe. We also have delicious sorbets and ice creams.


Fried Green Tomatoes, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

Created on purpose for those that "want to behave" can do it, and at the same time feel satisfied. Our salads have all the best of Mediterranean food: delicious vegetables dressed with the best olive oil and served with goat cheese, tuna or olives.


Chicken Fajitas, MARGARITA BLUE, bar/restaurant, Barcelona

A very elaborate selection of Mexican cuisine: Chilli with meat, Hot mole chicken, Enchiladas, Fajitas...... and also our tasty hamburgers prepared with the best beef from Girona, for all tastes.
The fajitas, a Mexican dish..... A whole range of possibilities as varied and multicultural as our clients.